All Scars She Heals is a place where people can learn about the environment, the world around them, and share stories of their time spent participating in adventure sports.

As the world becomes increasingly warm, it will begin to change in a multitude of ways; large and small.  John Muir said it best that “Nature is always lovely, invincible, glad, whatever is done and suffered by her creatures. All scars she heals, whether in rocks or water or sky or hearts.”  Our hope is to educate people as to ways in which nature may not be able to heal itself anymore.  Through the passion and sharing of our stories, we hope to have an impact on the ways that we, as a nation and a world community, interact with our environment in order to make the changes necessary to preserve this beautiful planet.

This excerpt is from our first post where we set the vision for the website:

First off, there are many aspects of climate change that will have an impact on our world and eventually begin to affect our lives in a more micro scale.  We hope to document these changes as well as ways that we can continue to impact the environment for the better.  These articles will center around the world as a whole including the changes of climate change, environmental policy, and ways that we continue to impact the environment.

On the other hand, we also hope to share our experiences of time spent in our environment, no matter where that is.  Sharing our experiences in the environment and passion for the environment will influence others to enjoy this gorgeous natural world around us.

Knowledge always helps to transform society.  We cannot change that which we do not know. With more information in the world, we can make a larger impact on the environment.


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